Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rest in Peace (June 2009 - "The Force" Edition)

(l-r) Farrah Fawcett (6/25), Ed McMahon (6/23), Billy Mays (6/27),
David Carradine (6/3), Michael Jackson (6/25)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I request for my family in Southern CA...

... I'm not sure if y'all know that I collect "themed" Mr. Potato Heads.

There were some Disneyland exclusive "Star Wars" themed ones that came out a few years ago, and I managed to get them off eBay (for a ridiculous price).

Well, there are three more coming out in October '09: Mashter Yoda, C-Three-Potat-0, and Chipbacca (seen below)

If any of you California cousins -- that plan on going to the Disneyland this Fall -- that would be willing to pick these three little guys up for me, I will pay for them and shipping and a little extra for your love and hard work.

Please let me know in the comments and we can work out the details.

Thanks in advance!

Austin is a little over 3 months old!

... and smiling more every day!

... and the winner is!!!!

#3 - Don't Hold Your Breath.

We've had this up for about a week but forgot to post it.

When all the votes from email/Facebook/comments were tallied it was a tie between #1 and #3.

Min and I broke the tie.

... but the pic doesn't really match the shadow/lighting for the others, so we are rethinking it.

"They call me Mr. Fish!"

Last week I cleaned the pond and used my [early Father's Day present of a] power washer to clean the algae scum off the sides of it.

We counted 16 fish this time (we've lost two in the last six months) ranging from a 3" goldfish to an 11" koi... that we have dubbed "Mr. Fish".

Now that the water is clean, we can actually see them swimming in the pond.

Mr. Fish is the orange fish with black and white spots (in the middle). He started growing the barbs on his mouth about 9 months ago. He was about 7" long when we go him in February '08.

Update: Alex's Eyebrow

Oh Wow!... it's been quite the wee with Alex and his head wound.

But so that you know... it's healing (CLICK TO SEE HOW IT'S HEALING...).

Monday - Before the swim meet, Min notices that the wound is open at one end and is bleeding. A little pressure stops it.

Tuesday - The wound appears swollen and opens at the top and start to ooze (and it don't smell pretty).

Thursday - I take Alex to the doctors and then say that it is indeed infected and put him on a strong antibiotic (Cleocin) that tastes so bad it is recommended that we mix it with chocolate pudding. Alex likes this prescription. The steri-strips come off and we clean the outside of the wound. We are told to use hot compresses twice a day as well.

Friday - I take Alex back for a follow up and the infection is going away and the swollen brow is returning to normal...

Friday night - ... but it appears that the wound starting to separate and open up. A call to the ER asks us to come back in that night (this is around 11 PM) or come in the morning.

Saturday - I take Alex to the ER and the same doc that glued happens to be there and inspects the wound and announces that it "looks great" (that's doctor "looks great" as compared to parents "looks great"). I guess it's suppose to open up as it heals since wounds like this heal from the inside out. She prescribes a bacterium ointment to help dissolve the glue and help in the healing process.

Sunday - Alex is feeling great... but is getting sick of having chocolate pudding three times a day.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

"He looks like a boxer."

For the second time in a month, we've been to the ER with Alex.

Last time it for the cut across the bridge of his nose. This time... the right eyebrow.

I had just gotten up to give Min the phone when I heard a WHAPP and a SCREAM.

Alex came around the corner holding his eye, and I moved his hand, saw the gaping wound, and yelled: "MIN! WE'VE GOT A BLEEDER!"

So she hung up (sorry Susan) and quickly called a friend to watch the other three as we went the the ER.

Since our house is "on the market" I sat and applied pressure to Alex's head and she and the others tidied the house up and cleaned up lunch.

Then we were off.

We were the only folks at the ER this time around, so we got in and out really quick (less than an hour).

Here's the beautiful wound:


They put some medicine on it to numb it and covered it with the gauze and a netted hat. Alex isn't asleep, the netting just hurt his eyes.

Once again, no stitches required. It was a clean "pop" so they Dermabond-ed this one too. For good measure, the doc put steri-strips on it too.

Hopefully this is the last time this summer that we make a visit to the ER. *knock on wood*

Heading to the ER again...

... Alex just split his right eyebrow open on the kitchen table.

More later.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Good thing Min tooks pics yesterday...

... here's what happened today:


You guessed it.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Please Choose For Us...

In our hallway upstairs we have this hanging...

Now that Austin is here, Min wants to update the photos and replace Jesus with the new addition (sacrilege... I know).

She has all of the other pictures chosen... except for Andee's.

We can't decide... so we'll put the power in your hands.

Please vote for one of the four images below.

#1 - The Surprise Smile

#2 - Tongue in Cheek

#3 - Don't Hold Your Breath

#4 - The Wrong Side of the Bed

Voting will be tallied this Sunday Evening (June 7th) and we will print the winner and reveal it on Monday (June 8th).

Thanks in advance.