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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Alex!!! You're Five!!!!!

Last Sunday Alex turned 5... but due to circumstances beyond his control (i.e. Dad's too busy to decorate his cake or get a present) we postponed the festivities to Tuesday night after swim team.

For his birthday he wanted Pokémon Diamond (for the DS), but instead we got him some Number Busters!

Alex is our little whiz with numbers and love Pokémon type things... so naturally, we knew he would like these.

These are little dinosaur/monster/creature figures that come with a random number on their feet that you use to play a game that's kind of like War. They also come with a set of cards that you can use along with the figures to add points to their number and alter the outcome of the battle.

The trick with these is that you need to have more than one of each kind or else you can memorize the number and know which one's to pick... so we'll have to get another set soon.

So... the cake held up the party.

Alex wanted a cake like Andee's, but green... so I trimmed the ears and made a Green Puppy from the Blue's Clues pan (Andee had Magenta for her cake).

He loved it. He wanted an ear and the eyes.

Andee got an ear. Aimee got the hat. Min got the back leg and rump. Aaron got the face. I took the present.

Alex loved and was happy his birthday was extended two more days.


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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Finals are over...

... and now I just have to finish the grades.

Oh Happy Day!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

ER: The Photos...

Here are the promised photos.

Here's Alex's wonderful injury. A nice split right across the bridge of his nose:

After about an hour, they called us to the back where they accessed the wound and numbed it with some "cold stuff" on a cotton ball taped to his face. Here he is watching "Martha Speaks" on my iPod while he waits for it to numb the area.

The nurse had to clean the wound with saline solution. Alex did very well... but got soaked.

The doctor said the wound closed very well and in lieu of stitches she opted to superglue it together. She said it would start to fall/peel off in 10 days... the day before Alex's 5th Birthday!

Good job Alex!

Monday, May 04, 2009 stitches: They used glue!

135 minutes later -- after a wash cloth, numbing cotton ball, a salt water solution, it was deemed a "good closer" and only needed glue.

Alex is a trooper.

Tomorrow, I will post pics.

Time to pack up, head home, and let our friend Susan get back to her family (and we would like to publicly thank her for her last minute help).

Sittin' in the ER with Alex...

Told Alex to go jump into bed.

He did.

And hit the bed and split the bridge of his nose open.

So here we sit.

Stitches and pictures to follow.

A Quiet Afternoon

I came home from some tutoring sessions (my finals are Wednesday) and wanted to go shopping for a few things but Min wanted to shower first so I had the kids (Alex and Andee) sit on the couch until she got done.

Not more than 5 minutes later all three kids (with Austin in his swing) were asleep.

So I gave Min a list and sent her on her way, volunteering to stay home, read, and watch the kids.

Thus the quiet afternoon.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

So I took that stupid Twilight Character quiz...

... and I'm:

Twilight Quiz

Jasper Hale You are Jasper Hale. You are very charismatic and have an uncanny ability to put others at ease. You are also a dependable leader and intuitive friend. You have a hard time ignoring temptation, as you are not naturally inclined to repress the way you feel.
I have no idea who he is... but Min says that's about right.