Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Thanksgiving To Remember... literally...

Okay, so we're having dinner: turkey, potatoes, gravy, rolls, stuffing, green beans, banana-apple salad.

Alex starts playing with his food and his hands are covered in potatoes and gravy.

In the middle of dinner Min says, "Alex needs a napkin, paper towel, or to be cleaned with the hose."

So I got up, escorted him outside and proceeded to spray him with the hose.

Min wasn't happy.

I was just doing what she said.


Bolt (Thanksgiving 2008 Movie)

It has been a tradition for a long time... and it continues.

Most Thanksgivings we go and see a movie on Thanksgiving Day... and more oft than not, it's a Disney film.

Last year it was Enchanted.

This year it was Bolt.

The kids really liked and so did I. It has stuff for both. Lots of laughs for kids and some wonderful "wow" moments for adults.

Good story. Great characters. Good effects.

We liked it.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oprah's Holiday Hits 2008 (8 downloads for free)

For the next 48 hours you can download the following 8 mp3s from Oprah's website:

  • Faith Hill, "Joy to the World" from the album Joy to the World
  • Tony Bennett, "I'll be Home for Christmas" from the album A Swingin' Christmas
  • Il Divo, "O Holy Night" from the album The Christmas Collection
  • Josh Groban, "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear" from the album Noel
  • Brian McKnight, "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" from the album I'll Be Home for Christmas
  • Amy Grant, "O Come All Ye Faithful" from the album The Christmas Collection
  • Harry Connick Jr., "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" from the album What a Night! A Christmas Album
  • Aretha Franklin, "Silent Night" from the album This Christmas

Click HERE to DOWNLOAD them.

Get a jump on the holidays with these great tracks.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

There's a new sheriff in town Brother...

... yup. I did it again!*

Min hates it!

But I'm leaving it for a week.

* The last time I shaved like this was for Jill's reception.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I found this...

and thought it was kinda funny. Twilight photos with made up dialogue. Something to get us all by until next weekend.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sunday, November 09, 2008

The "American Girl" Movie Collection

I had seen these three movies before at Costco for a really good price ($15 for the set)... but they were there for a short time.

We found them there again yesterday, and so we got them. My Mom and Mindy have been trying to get Aimee to stop sucking her thumb, so they have made a deal with Aimee, which I won't go into too many details about, but it involves her to quit sucking her thumb and something about an American Girl doll.

Last night Aimee watched the one of the movies - Samantha: An American Girl Holiday.

I'll let her review it for you (there are some spoilers if you haven't seen the movie):

I think it is a good movie because there was a happy ending and some tragic parts to the story. Samantha lived with her Granmary in a small town. Then Samantha went to live with her Uncle Garth and his new wife in New York City.

I liked Samantha because she helped her friends Nellie, Bridgett, and Jenny. They were all sisters who lost their parents because they died. She helped her friends by helping them escape from the adopting place and live in her attic.

And Bridgett got sick and she had to tell her Aunt and Uncle that she took them from the adopting place because the mean lady was going to split the sisters up and send Nellie, the oldest sister who was Samantha's age, on the train to the country to work.

And when it was Christmas they made wishes and once it was Christmas Samantha's Aunt and Uncle said they were going to adopted Samantha and that she needed three sisters. They were happy. Jenny said her first words.

My favorite part was when Samantha and Nellie got to be sisters.

And Samantha's school they had a contest where you had to give the best speech about America and Progress. And Samantha wanted to talk about factories. But Samantha was disqualified because she had entered a different speech but then she told the lady who said she was disqualified that she actually saw what happened when she went to find Nellie at the factory. There was a boy who got hurt and the manager (or something) didn't care about the boy. They just put another child in his seat and made them work.

I really liked the movie because it had a happy ending.

- Aimee
She is watching Molly: An American Girl on the Home Front right now.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

If you haven't already...

Min and I participated in the early voting here in Texas. The lines weren't that long for us, but I can't imagine how long they'll be today.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

140 days down... 140 days to go!

... well, not really.

The doctor will let Min schedule the C-section up to 10 days early... so it should be 130 days to go!

Halloween '08

Tonight we had the ward "Trunk or Treat"... and 5 of the 6 of us dressed up for it. *

Aaron was Martin the Warrior from the Redwall books and Aimee was a witch (as usual). We didn't get pics of them, but I will see if anyone else did and post them later.

Alex wanted to be a Ghost...

I was Wario... and I won the "Being On Fire" costume award and received a box of Hot Tamales.

... and Andee took over the Giraffe costume. We had been running around all day and she didn't get a decent nap. So when we came home, there was no keeping her awake. Min removed her make-up, got her changed and ready for bed and she never even stirred. She was dead tired.

... anyways, that was our Halloween.

* Oh yeah, I do think Min dressed up. She was a baby factory... and today she is half way through this last shift. ;)