Friday, June 23, 2006

Fun with "Photobooth"

Photobooth is an application that ships with the new Mac computers that have the built in web camera. It's like the old 'photobooths' of yesteryear. You sit down, hit the button and it'll take a pic of you.

The application also has funny effects. Alex got a kick out of them... and Andee... I'm not quite sure what she thinks.

Here they are:

This is for Jill...

... I've decided that I need a change of facial hair. I've had a beard or a goatee or the "Brother Brigham" thing going for so long, I thought I'd go Texas style and do the redneck/handlebar thing for your wedding. I trimmed it today, so that in two weeks it'll be grown out a bit more and look real good.

Now to find a good pair of cowboy boots.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Pumpkinheads and Tooth Fairies

Aimee has had a loose tooth for quite awhile and she's been wiggling it constantly for the last week.

I attempted to pull it out earlier tonight, but it wasn't quite there.

Aaron has one too, but his wasn't showing signs of coming out either.

Then Aimee came in and said it was bleeding and really loose. So I pinched her tooth in a towel and "POP" out it came. So I took a picture...

No sooner had I taken the picture, Aaron ran in and showed us his had come out too.

So now we have two toothless grins.

... actually make that two and half.

Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix (... starring our kids!)

This game quickly sold out around Christmas time and Nintendo finally rereleased it a month or so ago. So after a trip to the local Best Buy, we nabbed one.

In case you don't know what Dance Dance Revolution is, here's a brief description:

The game is typically played on a dance pad with four arrow panels: left, down, up, and right. These panels are pressed using the player's feet, in response to arrows that appear on the screen in front of the player. The arrows are synchronized to the general rhythm or beat of a chosen song, and success is dependent on the player's ability to time his or her steps accordingly.

The kids enjoy it. Here are some videos of them and the DDR game. There are three videos (one for each kid) and they are selectable beneath the picture of Mario.

You'll need the Flash Player Plugin in order to see the videos.


Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day 2006

Every year for Mother's Day, our ward give the Mothers in the congregation a Symphony bar as a gift.

Us father's get an M&M bowtie. A standard little 4 oz bag of M&Ms with a ribbon tied in the middle that our bishop instructs us to replace our ties with.

I thought that this year, I'd shake things up.

Last week, I saw the Primary President tying the M&M bags in the back of the Primary Room and so I knew they were going to stick with tradition again and give us the bowties.

I joked with Mindy that I needed to get a big bag and wear it instead and see what the other dads thought of it.

So I went shopping and found a 44 oz (x-large) bag and held that puppy up to my neck and it was quite heavy and way too big. So I settled with the 22 oz (large) bag instead. I brought it home, Min wrapped a ribbon around and we stuck it in the back for church.

So after Sacrament Meeting, when they were handing out the bowties, Aaron went and got me one, but I put it away and pulled out my BIG bowtie.

Needless to say, I got stopped in the hall a lot and was met with odd glances and dads saying how they should have thought of that first.

One dad said that he deserved it because he had the most kids (he has 7).

I told our Bishop that it was meant for him, but I got it first.

Another said that I wasn't that sweet.

It was fun (and not that heavy).

So here's a pic of Aaron, Aimee and me before we opened the bag and made Chocolate Chip (M&M) Cookies with them.

Alex's New Hat!

We went to Wal*Mart the other day to get Aimee and Aaron some new swim suits and I felt bad for Alex (since his still fits and he gets the hand-me-downs).

So as I was wandering over to the baby stuff, thinking Andee might like one, I found the toddler hats.

And I saw this hat.

We told Alex that if he kept it on the whole time we were walking around the store, he could have it.

He did.

So it's his.

Ain't he adorable.


Taken by Mindy in Pflugerville.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Swinging on a Star!

I just had to.

Relief from the heat

These pics were taking a few weeks ago, sorry that it took so long to get them up.

I got this $5 water ring clown fish thingy that sprays water. The kids loved running through it. We got it to take to Pflugerville and let the kids play, but some how it got a hole in it.

Oh well. Maybe that's why it was $5... but the kids had fun with it!

All the kids (and the big kid too).

Aimee's new pose.

The little wet rat.

Turn up the water Daddy!

"See the water won't hurt you Andee."

Andee got wet!

"In the midnight hour..."

"Min's Room" is ONE YEAR OLD!

I just realized today that we've been blogging here for over a year now. Our first post was June 7, 2005, followed by a few pictures of the kids and my bald head!

Here's to another year!

We don't know how it happened...

... but it did.

This morning at breakfast we sat down and I gave Alex a banana and a piece of toast. He ate the banana with no problems, but started to cry when we gave him the toast.

Then I saw this...

... here's a closer look...

Needless to say, we have no clue when this happened or where it happened or how it happened. All we know is that we had to find a Pediatric Dentist and his appointment is at 3:15 PM today.

We'll keep you posted.

UPDATE: Min just got back from the dentist with Alex. She said that he did very well and the procedure that they did was simple and he didn't throw a fit or even stir all that much.

The doctor painted and enamel cover over the exposed nerve to protect it while it healed on its own. He said that that should work for the weekend and if he was still having pain from eating there are two things that can be done.

1) Baby root canal - A $5000 option not covered by insurance. Quite painful and not recommended by the dentist for two reasons: the cost and that it's just going to fall out in a few years.

2) Pull it - The option that we'll take if we need it.

So for right now, we are glad that he is fine and that the tooth is on the bottom row and not really visible.

By the way, the dentist didn't even charge a co-pay and painted the enamel for free.

Min said that the dentist was really friendly and that she is going to call for appointments for Aaron and Aimee when we get back from our trip.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Frown vs. Smile

Coming Soon to this blog...

Mike's trip to London and Paris!

Our week in Pflugerville!

Cute pics of a now 3 month old Andee!

An animated GIF of Alex and "If You Find A Frowny Face"!

... check back this weekend!