Friday, October 28, 2005

Fall Festival

Aaron and Aimee had their Fall Festival at school tonight. It's a combination of Fall, Halloween, Safety and Drug Free Week. Aaron and Aimee wanted to go on the pony ride. We were in line for the petting zoo- which consisted of chickens, a couple of baby potbellied pigs, and more chickens- but the line was not moving, so we went to let the kids do a couple of games. We got hot dogs and chips before they ran out, but had to have water (my preference anyway) because the McDonalds' orange punch was gone. The kids had fun. Mike used a couple of sprinkles as an excuse to leave... thank heavens.

Tomorrow... the ward party.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

It's here...

My brother Greg got his mission call today! What an exciting week for our family.

He is going to the Belgium Brussels mission and will be speaking Dutch. He goes into the MTC on Feb. 1st. That means I won't be able to be there when he does, but we'll see if we can work something out so I/we can see him once more before he leaves.

He is very excited and a little nervous. That is not one of the places he even thought about as a possibility. His mission includes the Netherlands, Belgium and a little bit of Northern France. I think they are going to watch THe Best Two Years now to get an idea about what part of the area is like.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Our ultrasound was today...

We have been anticipating this day for quite a while. Finally it's here. We each had our own predictions... Mike thought we were having a girl, I thought we were having a boy, Aaron wanted a girl (he didn't want to share his bedroom with ANOTHER baby brother,) and Aimee wanted a boy (she didn't want to share her room at all!) Alex still has no clue what is happening, so therefore doesn't have an opinion that he is sharing... oh yeah, that and he doesn't say much yet. :)

The baby wasn't cooperating at first, but the doctor was able to do the measurements that he needed to do and look at everything that he needed to. the baby was moving around much of the time, so eventually the doctor was able to find the GIRL parts. Yep that's right, we're having another girl!

Aaron was excited when we told him. Aimee wasn't upset, but didn't seem too excited. Later in the afternoon she brought me two baby blankets and asked which one was hers, and then asked if the other one could be for her baby sister. It was really quite sweet, especially the look on her face when she was asking. I think that by the time the baby comes she will be really excited.

Mike and I are really excited to even out the family. Of course we would have been just as happy with a boy, but I think we both wanted a girl a little bit more. We are just excited to know who we are waiting for.

We are planning on naming her Andrea, and will probably call her Andee most of the time. She will probably be born sometime around the 6-7 of March due to a scheduled c-section. It seems a long way away, but I know it will go quickly.