Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Aimee's Christmas Photos

Aimee got a digital camera for Christmas this year and asked me to post a few pictures that she took.

Christmas 2006 (Photos)

Since Min's not going to do, I guess I will.

We had a low-key Christmas this year with the anticipation of selling the house and a move we didn't want to go overboard and get into more debt. So we set a budget and stayed within it.

The main gifts this year were beds for everyone.

Alex has been in the toddler bed and Aaron has slept on couch cushions (since we sold his bed back in October at our garage sale). Aimee has a day bed and Min and I had the same old 10-year old bed.

So we switched things up... Aimee got our old queen-size bed, Min and I got a new queen pillow top and we go the boys' beds on Craigslist.

Min wanted to get new bedding for the kids, so that was a secondary gift.

The books and toys and clothes came from family and friends (thanks for making it fun for them).

Anyways, here are the pics.