Thursday, April 20, 2006

Easter Weekend Part 3: The Shirt for Grandpa

While piddling around Target after getting Mom her iSight (finally, no more crappy webcam) we found this t-shirt and paint kit for $10. We figured it would be a fun thing for the kids to do (and Min could get a scrapbook page out of it).

Here are the pics:

Grandma explains the process.

Alex isn't quite sure about this.

Aimee knows what to do.

Um, isn't it supposed to be her hand?...

... I guess not.

The finished product!

Easter Weekend Part 2: Sunday

What a wonderful day!

95 degrees.

But we had the egg hunt and a BBQ anyways.

Nate and Betsy came down from Pflugerville and brought the crew for Andee's blessing. My folks and sister were in town for the blessed event. Here are some pics:

Andee in her blessing dress.

Nate, Andee, me and Grandpa Charlie.

Aunt Michelle and Andee.

Grandpa Charlie and Andee.

Me and the kids post egg hunt.

The happy hunters!

Easter Weekend Part 1: The Park

Some friends from the ward called us and invited us to an Easter Egg Hunt at a local park. Each family was supposed to bring 6 filled eggs per kidS >o we took the requisite 18 eggs.

Our kids came home with more than that (some families brought more which increased the eggs per kid.

Here are some pics:

Alex found and egg!

Aimee found many eggs!

Grandma found a baby?

Grandpa and Alex!

... oh and Aaron found an egg too.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

All I want for Chrith-mith is my...

... two front teeth!

Yup, the other one is gone now... and I pulled it out! I took him into the bathroom before dinner and told him all he had to do was put a washcloth in this mouth and twist. So I demonstrated and before he knew it it was out.

Sneaky dad!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

... but you should have seen the other kid.

... Aaron may have gotten his tooth knocked out in the fight, but you should have seen the other kid.

Just kidding.

Aaron came home the other day from school running up the street telling me something that I couldn't quite make out.

Seems like one of his "buck" teeth (as Aimee calls them) fell out at school today.

He's always wanted his tooth to fall out at school. The nurse gives you a little plastic treasure chest that you can keep the offending tooth in, until you get home.

I told Aaron that I would put it on the shelf in my room and see if the Tooth Fairy could find it there. The next morning, the tooth was a gone but a $1 bill (folded tightly) was in the chest.

Needless to say, Aaron was rather excited.

Two peas in a pod...

Alex likes two things... 1) his picture being taken and 2) his little sister.

Grandma and Grandpa Reynolds

Mom and Andee are braving going to church (even though she dropped me off at the airport about 4 hours before and didn't get much sleep afterwords).

All of the kids with Gma and Gpa on the back porch.

Yup, it's genetic.

Gma and the kids playing Candy Land.