Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It's finally out!!!!!

Take a look for yourself!!!!

Aimee's tooth is gone!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Aimee's new room

Aimee got a new bed for Christmas (our old bed) and since it was a bigger bed, she got a new bedspread. We found this really cute bed-in-a-bag for a killer deal. The only downside was that it didn't go well with her yellow walls.

So, I spent the last week painting Aimee's room a periwinkle color. Quite a change from the bright yellow. Aimee loves it and it looks really good with the new bedding. Much better than the yellow.



We also took down her big, ugly, heavy closet doors and replaced them with curtains. The doors were hard to open and kept coming off the tracks and were difficult to put back on. Hopefully the curtains will work out well.



What do you think?

The Ice Storm of January 2007

As you've probably seen over in Betsy's blog, South Texas got covered in a blanket of clouds that dropped freezing rain for a few days.

Classes got cancelled. Schools and roads closed. We stayed indoors.

When the rain stopped we found a thick layer of ice embracing averything outside. Here are some pics:

The lights around our pond looked like little cages of ice.

Our weather vane on "the barn" (our shed) had ice on it.

Icicles hanging from the house and ice clinging to the fig tree.

Even the grass got covered in it.

Our grill was covered with a 1/4" of ice.

The crepe myrtles around the pond were encased in ice.


Aimee's "Artistic" Phase

Seems like Aimee is starting to show her creative side.

The other day, Min asked her to go pick up the hangers in her closet. When I got upstairs to check, I had to laugh... this is what I saw:

Then we asked her to get some goldfish crackers for her sister. When Min walked into the kitchen, this is what she found:

She makes me so proud!

Alex (aka "The Chin")

Somehow Alex has managed to hurt his chin. It doesn't appear to be bruised at all, but it is quite swollen and tender.

Min went to go wipe him up from lunch and he started crying when she touched his chin. We couldn't figure out what he had done to it, but it did affect his smile.

He's okay now.

How weird.

Oh... here's a grinning Andee:

Sleeping in the car...

... our little angels fell asleep in the car a little while ago. Alex was in such a strange sleeping position we just had to take a picture.

But when Andee sleeps in the car, it's just too darn cute.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Aimee McPhee

Aimee's going to lose that tooth any day now.