Sunday, September 24, 2006

Two Down, One To Go: A Story About Three Trees

We have a young willow oak in the backyard that started out with three trees growing from the same trunk system.

In May, I was mowing the lawn the and northern most extension of the tree was hanging really low, so I grabbed it, pulled lightly and there was a crack and the whole side came out and fell down. There were white spots all up the trunk and I figured that it had oak rot. We hacked it up and tossed it with the brush collection a few weeks later.

Fast forward to last night. We had a whopper of a storm come through and drop a few inches of rain in about 20 minutes. The storm started out just after dark and it began to blow and hail a bit. The power went out and stayed out for nearly four hours.

This morning as we were getting up, I went to look out the back window and see how much water collected in the pond. Then I looked to my left out the other windows and saw that the southern most tree and had fallen down. Luckily it was parallel with the fence and hit just shy of the patio cover.

It was pretty close, but I'm glad that nothing serious happened.

You can see on the right where the other tree used to be, and how this one is still attached a bit.

We are going to find someone who will lend us a chainsaw and we will take the standing tree as well. If it were to fall, it would go right through a seection of fence. Part of me is saying let it fall, but I'd hate to pay the deductible for an 8" section of new fence.

iChatting with UT

Aimee, Aaron, and Alex love to iChat with Grandma, Emma, and Abby.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Two down... a few more to go...

Aimee lost another tooth today.

Alex hit her in the mouth with a Pok├ęBall and it came out. It had been loose for quite a few weeks.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Decisions! Decisions!

I went and picked up Mindy's Coral Pink DS Lite this afternoon. She's busted her you-know-what for the past few days making sure the house was clean, so that she could devote her attention to the new console.

As some of you know, we canceled our DirecTV a few weeks ago so that we could save some money every month, and the cable company hasn't been out yet (they are coming Thursday), so she was disappointed that she wasn't going to be able to watch "Dancing With The Stars."

So I jury-rigged the little office TV with an antenna and got ABC to come in perfectly.

Now she's playing Animal Crossing: Wild World during commercials.

Here's proof:

Friday, September 08, 2006

Happy Anniversary to all y'all

Happy Anniversary to Nate and Betsy, and also Jacob and Amy.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Holy Cow... 10 years!

Can you believe that this was 10 years ago today? It doesn't seem like we have been married this long, but here we are 10 years, 4 kids and many pounds later.

Thanks for 10 great years Mike! I love you!