Thursday, August 31, 2006

When Alex was Andee's age...

... this is what he looked like.

Kids grow up way too quick.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Aaron's a sCrUB Scout!

We went to Aaron's first (of many) Pack Meeting today.

He got his Bobcat this evening.

He got a cub scout shirt from him Grandma Jeanette for his baptism and Min and I got his badges and belt. We got him a neckerchief and a slide, but he got one from the Pack tonight (so now he has two).

He's a member of the Alamo Area Council. I'm still use to the Great Salt Lake Council patches, so this is cool.

Alex wants to be a scout.

At the Pack Meeting they welcomed in the six boys who turned 8 this summer... plus a few new move-ins.

This should be a fun ride!!!!!


Yup, Aimee ran full boar into a door jamb Monday morning before school after Aaron snagged her blanket out from under her (she fell asleep on the couch and she needed to eat breakfast) and she chased after him in the dark and half asleep.

Anyway, here's the damage.

I'll let Mindy post about the rest of the week's activities as far as the school nurse goes.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The book is done... and in my hands!

A year ago, when I was in L.A. at the SIGGRAPH Conference, I met up with the publisher of the book that my graduate advisor at USU (Alan Hashimoto) and I wrote back in 2003.

I asked Jenifer if we could do a second edition of the book, and she told me that the project was actually on the schedule and she was going to contact us after the conference, but since I was there she made it official.

So Alan and I had to retool the book and make alot of changes. The book had to have 60% new or updated content.

We turned the first half of the book in February and the rest of it before I left for London/Paris and Alan left for NYC (each of our schools take a group of students somewhere in the world for a summer trip).

We went through a few rewrites in early July and then passed it off to the production folks...

... and today, the UPS truck pulled up and handed me a copy of the final book.

Here it is.

It is done.

And this time my name is on the cover!

Visual Design Fundamentals: A Digital Approach (2nd Edition)
by Alan Hashimoto with Mike Clayton
ISBN: 1-58450-493-5
Charles River Media; 2006; 381 pp

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Alex at 9 months old...

... well, classes start tomorrow and I was digging around for an old lecture (that I still can't find) and I found this image.

It's from January 2005 when Alex was about 9 months old.

Ain't he cute.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Alex being cute

Alex was making faces at us while we were making dinner the other night.

She's getting so big!

Andee has just started eating baby cereal this last week. I can't believe she is that old already. She started rolling over while we were in UT, but as of yet hasn't discovered that she can travel that way. Thank goodness! Sitting up and scooting/crawling are next. Where does the time go?

Andee eating cereal for the first time.

The First Day Back To School

We got back just in time for Aaron and Aimee to meet their new teachers on Thursday, and then school started Monday. Aaron and Aimee have both done well this last week and like their teachers. It has been nice to be back on some kind of schedule and to have a quieter house during the day.

Aaron and Aimee on the first day of school.

On the road again....

This is one road trip we don't look forward to. While we love to come home and visit and enjoy our time while we are there, the trip is LONG and BORING. Lucky for us the kids travel quite well and are content (for the most part) to watch movies and cartoons all day long. Mike takes pictures of everyone in the car when he gets bored. Here's the proof that the trip was indeed boring!

Mike and Mindy (yes, Mindy always drives. That's the way she likes it. Mike falls asleep too easily and drives too slow!)

Aaron and Alex



4 generations of Claytons

While Grandma Mary and Donna were in Riverton for Spencer's "homecoming" we had to get a picture with all 4 generations.

Mike is holding Andee, Gma Mary has Alex, Aaron, and Gpa Charlie with Aimee on his lap.

Andee likes to swing

Andee loves to swing in her baby swing at home, but when we got to UT she had to go without for a while. By the end of the trip she was holding her head up and sitting up better so we tried Grandma's swings in the backyard. She LOVED it! Now that we are home she is back in her own swing inside.

Roy Days

We went back up to Roy one last time for a wedding reception and to see/say goodbye to my family. It was Aimee's birthday that Saturday (Aug 5th)and it happened to be Roy Days. We went to the parade and came back with a grocery bag FULL of candy. The kids loved it and the adults had a good time too.