Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Andee's "Sleep Number"

Lately, one of the only ways that Andee could fall asleep was to sit with her daddy. Within minutes, she would calm down and fall asleep.

I made the comment to Min once that I was her "Sleep Number" (ala the matress slogan).

She laughed.

Andee's Birthday (Pics)

It's nice to know that two gifts can make a little happy!

To help her with her walking we got her this walker/wagon combo and she loves scooting around with it.

... told you!

Monday, March 19, 2007

It's Official!

Mike has just officially found out that he was promoted and given tenure! We are so glad that the wait is over. So, starting in August Mike is a tenured associate professor. And yes, a raise did come along with that promotion. Always a good thing!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Has it really been a year

since I was in the hospital recovering from Andee's birth? Andee did indeed turn one yesterday (March 6th) and the poor girl was sick. She has had some stomach virus since Friday and of course yesterday was the worst day.

She had her 1 year check up and we were feeling bad because she was going to have shots on her birthday, but due to the virus we will have another dr appt in a couple weeks to get her those taken care of. She is looking good, 18lbs 4oz which means she still has to sit backwards. Oh, well! I like it when they don't grow up too fast. We're also still waiting for her first tooth, but we don't have any signs of it coming anytime too soon.

She did get her presents (that she didn't really feel like playing with) and had a cake (that she did eat a little of, but it wasn't an attack like with the other kids.) We have some pictures that I will post soon.

Today she seemed to be feeling better and did enjoy playing with her new toys. Hopefully the virus has run its course and she will be back to normal soon.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

"What Did I Eat?"

Alex says some of the oddest things that I've ever heard before.

Min says that last week he started saying this phrase while she would change his stinky diapers. I guess he's now associating what he eats with what he poops.

We think that he might have picked it up after a particularly bad week of Andee's diapers.

... anyways, on to the point and punchline of this post.

Alex saw me cleaning my ears with a Q-tip on morning, and he said that he wanted to clean his ears too. I stopped him and asked if I could do it and he agreed.

I lifted him up onto the counter, swabbed his ear, and removed a nice chunk of dirt of wax.

Once he saw it, he asked: "What did I eat?"

I about died laughing.

Min did too.