Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009: Kids Edition

Here's what the kids were this Halloween:

Aaron was "Bookface" (... only fans of The Office will get it)

Aimee was a "Black Cat" (Which was a $5 costume, if you don't count the black long-sleeve shirt and the black jeans that we bought to go with it.)

Alex was a "Soccer Player" (We really didn't have a costume for him and he had a game earlier that day.)

Andee was a "Princess" (Thanks to the Andersons for letting her borrow a dress-up.)

... and Austin was a "Bunny Rabbit" (Thanks again the to the Andersons.)


Donna said...

What or who is bookface (as you can tell do not watch the office)

Flahauts said...

We r big office fans!!! That was the most creative costume. And I have to say you make a great Guy! What was Min? A photographer? That is what I always am... It's good to see u guys!